Satisfied with statistics?

by Stuart Irvin

How do you feel when you become a statistic? Would you rather be part of, or separate from, the crowd? Some recent statistics suggested a decline in those who identify themselves as ‘religious’. The research, commissioned by the Humanist Society of Scotland, asked 1,016 Scottish adults if they were religious or not. 24% said they… Continue reading Satisfied with statistics? »


by Jane Howitt
Holly berries in snow

What a relief to get all the Christmas shopping done before the big day comes! No more clashing elbows with a city full of bargain-hunters and no more stressful evenings, wondering what to buy for friends and family. The decorations are up. Cards are written and sent. The house is clean and ready for visitors.… Continue reading Relief »


by Jane Howitt
Trucks on dark road with brake lights showing

Driving in the dark is not everyone’s favourite past-time. As the days grow shorter more often our journey home from work is made in the dark. Out of town, that means switching on and off the beam and trying carefully to follow the white lines at the edge of the road. Continue reading Follow »