Christingle 2020

Participate in our Christmas celebrations by making a Christingle at home. The following video explains how and why we make a Christingle:

We still have a limited number of free Christingle kits that we can get to you. If you would like one before the 25th get in touch via the following email address:

If you are further a field and still want to take part then all you need is:

  1. A big orange
  2. Four tooth picks
  3. Some sweets and raisins
  4. A small candle (a birthday candle is the ideal size)
  5. Some tin foil
  6. A red ribbon

Check out this new Fischy Music Christmas Song ‘Even In The Strangest Times’:

Check us out on Facebook at share some of your Christingle photos:

We hope you have a Merry Christmas