There are several halls at St. Catherine’s Argyle. When they are not being used for church events or activities, we are glad to offer them for use by other Christian groups and the wider community. The church has appropriate facilities which makes it accessible to disabled visitors.

The largest of our halls is the Grange hall and it can comfortably seat up to 120 people.

The Chalmers hall is carpeted and offers a welcoming space for smaller groups or meetings.

The Argyle hall is carpeted and can easily be used for meetings or smaller group activities.

Our current charges are as follows  –

WHOLE CHURCH (including kitchen) £ 294 per day
SANCTUARY £ 235 per day
SANCTUARY (max period of 4 hours) £ 141 (max 4 hours from opening to closure)
ARGYLE HALL £ 23.50 per hour
GRANGE HALL £ 23.50 per hour
ARGYLE & GRANGE HALL £ 35.50 per hour
CHALMERS SUITE OF ROOMS £ 23.50 per hour

 If you are interested in using our halls, please fill out the contact form below, indicating the type of event, expected numbers and the date or dates when you would like to let the hall. Don’t forget to include your name or organisation’s name and a contact telephone number!