The death of someone you love is often a difficult time, even if their death is not unexpected. You may find yourself having to arrange a funeral and wondering how to go about that. You may also wonder whether to contact a minister or not.

Please feel free to contact the minister directly or via the undertaker if you would like them to conduct the funeral service. You do not need to be a member of the church for the minister to lead the service. The minister will then arrange a time to meet with you and, if you wish, other members of your family to discuss and plan the funeral service .

You can also ask the minister to visit during a long illness or as life is ending. This can often be a source of comfort, strength and help to a family.

The death of a loved one raises a whole range of emotions, even when the death itself is expected after a long and difficult time. St Catherine’s Argyle will seek to support and care for you even beyond the funeral service, if you wish.

The Church of Scotland is a national church and as such has a pastoral responsibility. There will therefore never be a fee payable to a Parish Minister conducting a funeral.

St. Catherine’s Argyle serves the community stretching from Tantallon Place to Arden Street and from the Meadows to Dick Place, taking in Cumin Place, Lauder Road and Mansionhouse Road south of Beaufort Road.

Contact the minister by selecting Minister from the dropdown list of the contact form.