Time Out – September 2018

Time Out – September 2018

On Saturday the 8th of September the church elders and I took some time out together. It was great. Here you can see our ‘Team Photo’.

We made use of the excellent hospitality at Liberton Kirk. Their minister, John Young, kindly led us in worship and reflection and then facilitated some really helpful discussion. When he later had to head away for another engagement, he prayed for us then we prayed for him. We then had lunch, which was followed by a short act of communion.

Usually, the time that the elders spend together is used to conduct the business of the Kirk Session, the decision making court of our Church. On this occasion though, we did not have matters arising, minutes or motions. Rather, instead, we had time together to learn and discuss, to think and dream.

I have continued to reflect on our time out at Liberton Kirk and the encouragement that it was. I would like to share two passing observations.

Firstly, I am so encouraged by spending time together with the elders. These are people who are passionate about seeing our church flourish and it was so refreshing to be with one another as we shared ideas and reflections.

Secondly, enjoying the hospitality and ministry of another church was a wonderful reminder of how we are a part of something much bigger.  Hearing about what was going on at Liberton Kirk and the way in which they have an impact on their community was so encouraging.

Next week we will be back to the usual activities of minutes, matters arising and motions. Having had the time out that we shared on Saturday, I am all the more enthused by what is before us.  The elders and I would be glad of your prayers for us as we go about our meetings and different tasks.